2019-2020 LALSES Grants Awarded to Professors Across Disciplines in LALS!

The 2019-2020 Latin American and Latino Studies External Speaker (LALSES) series grants have been awarded to LALS professors from an array of programs and departments.  Here is a list of this year's recipients followed by a description of the LALSES program and each talk. Dates and logistics are still being finalized.

Please feel free to contact lals@sas.upenn.edu if you have any questions. 


LALS External Speaker Series Grant Recipients 2019-2020


FALL 2019




Hosting Faculty




Title & Institution


Award Amount


Mid- September


Kristina Lyons



Juan Mejia Botero


Documentary Filmmaker, Human Pictures



Early October

Carlos Pío

Hispanic and Portuguese Studies

Ana Lucia Araujo


Howard University


Late October

Richard M. Leventhal Anthropology

Julio Cesar Hoil Gutiérrez


Universidad de Oriente (UNO)


Mid- November

Marcy Norton


Guadalupe García

Associate Professor, Tulane University








Hosting Faculty




Title & Institution


Award Amount


Late February


Jennifer Ponce de León



William I. Robinson




UC- Santa Barbara




Melissa Teixeira


Valeria López Fadul

Assistant Professor

Wesleyan University



Morgan K. Hoke


Maria Elena Garcia

Associate Professor

University of Washington







The Latin American and Latino Studies External Seminar series (LALSES) brings invited guests to the University of Pennsylvania, some of whom will lecture with LALS cross-listed classes, to expand and deepen our intellectual understanding of Latin America and Latinxs across disciplines. It also aims to foster dialogue and possibilities for collaborative research between Penn faculty and scholars from across the Americas. Refreshments or lunch is usually served.


The following is a tentative list of LALSES events in the 2019-2020 academic year:


* September 16th or September 23rd 2019 (Time TBD) Juan Mejia Botero, Documentary Filmmaker and Founder of Human Pictures will give a talk on his work in ANTH317 The matter of politics and the politics of matter. Juan will be hosted by Kristin Lyons.


* Wednesday, October 10th 2019 (time TBD) Ana Lucia Araujo, Professor of History at Howard University, will visit PRTG215 Portuguese for the Professions and PRTG114 Portuguese for Spanish Speakers on invitation from Prof. Carlos Pío. Dr. Araujo’s research interests are Social and cultural History, history and public memory of the Atlantic slave trade and slavery and their social and cultural legacies.


* Tuesday, October 22nd 2019, 1:30 PM  Julio Cesar Huil Guitérrez, PhD, will visit ANTH511 Ethics, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage on invitation from Prof. Richard Levanthal. Dr. Gutiérrez’s research focuses on Agrarian history of Mexico, century XIX and XX. 


* Monday, November 11th 2019 (TBD) Prof. Guadalupe Garcia, Associate Professor of History at Tulane University, will visit HIST070 Colonial Latin America, on invitation from Prof. Marcy Norton. Dr. Garcia’s research focuses on colonial Latin America, Caribbean, Black Atlantic, and urban history.


* February 2020 (date and time TBD) William I. Robinson, Professor of Sociology at University of California at Santa Barbara, will visit the course Race, Culture & Antisystemic Movements in Latinx & Latin America on invitation from Prof. Jennifer Ponce de León. Dr. Robinson’s research focuses on macro and comparative sociology, globalization and transnationalism, political economy, political sociology, development and social change, immigration, Latin America and the Third World, and Latina/o/x studies.


* March 2020 (date and time TBD) Valeria López Fadul, Assistant Professor of History, Wesleyan University, will visit HIST071 Modern Latin America on invitation from Prof. Melissa Teixeira. Prof. Fadul’s research Colonial Latin America and History of Science 


* March-April 2020 (date and time TBD) Maria Elena Garcia, Associate Professor at the University of Washington will visit ANTH359 Nutritional Anthropology on invitation from prof. Morgan K. Hoke. Prof. Garcia’s research focuses on Anthropology, Indigenous Studies, Race, Food, and Peru.