Congratulations to LALS-Affiliated Faculty Members Amy Offner of History and Kristina Lyons of Anthropology!

Amy Offner is now an Associate Professor of History as she has received tenure for her exceptional scholarship, teaching, service and other contributions to the university.  She also recently published the book Sorting Out the Mixed Economy: The Rise and Fall of Welfare and Developmental States in the Americas (Princeton University Press, 2019), which reveals with historical detail and beautiful prose the entanglement between the U.S. New Deal welfare state and Latin American developmental state policies re-envisioning the origins of neoliberalism.  


Kristina Lyons was awarded a Fulbright for 2020-2021 to work in collaboration with Colombia’s Special Jurisdiction for Peace. She also recently published the book Vital Decomposition: Soil Practitioners and Life Politics (Duke University Press, 2020), which is an intricate ethnography of human-soil studies examining the work and collaborations between soil scientists, farmers, agrarian movements and others to understand philosophies and beliefs of rural development, peace, sustainability, and other issues in the context of recovering from internal conflict and a U.S. led war on drugs.


Congratulations to these two outstanding scholars!  We are so fortunate to have them affiliated with LALS.